Aquadex 50 Stain-Off / Spa Stain Off removes copper iron and metallic stains from plaster pools and black colbalt stains from fiberglass. Stain removal results can be noticed within 48 hours up to 10 days depending on how old or fresh the stains are. The product is stable at higher temperatures so works well in the spa environment. The effectiveness of Aquadex 50 Stain Off won’t be compromised by chlorine, acid or other sanitizing products. The product can be mixed with Plaster White ‘n Brite as a booster for removing difficult metal stains in an acid wash. 

Aquadex 50 Features

Metal stain remover. Quicky removes metal stains in spas, pools and fountains. It stays stable at high temperatures. Stain removal will be apparent in one to 10 days depending on age of the stain and severity. Second application might be necessary after 10 days.

Aquadex 50 Instructions

Aquadex 50 Stain off is applied directly to the water where the staining exists. Swimmers can enter the water after thirty minutes. High temperatures won’t affect the product’s stability. Stain removal takes time and may require additional treatment for resistant stains. Run the filter often and for complete results within 10 days. Lower pH of 7.2 rather than 7.8 for best results


It goes to work immediately and swimming can resume 4 hours after application with continuous filtration.

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