BIODEX Plaster White ‘n Brite 32 OZ


Plaster White n’ Brite is an acid wash addititve that thickens acid for non-streaking application while eliminating fumes and etching problems associated with using acid alone.It’s an environmentally safe product that isn’t corrosive, toxic or difficult to use. It is a great choice for acid washing that is user friendly and completely biodegradable. The product produces better results than acid alone.(can be used on colored plaster)

Plaster White n’ Brite Features

The product eliminates etching and cleans pools betters than using acid alone and compatible with all color surfaces that can be acid washed.

Plaster White n’ Brite instructions

A good starter mix is one gallon of acid added to two gallons of water. Use a five gallon clean plastic pail. Add eight ounces of Plaster White ‘n Brite to the diluted acid solution and stir for one minute. (option: add 8 oz Aquadex 50 Stain-Off as a booster)Pour the mixed solution along the tile line and allow it to run down the plaster and dwell for at least five minutes. Hose the product off. You can brush the pool if desired (optional). TIP:   Spa Foam stop will help to cut the foam when removing the waste water.  Refill with Protect-All Supreme or Salt Protect for continued brightening. Download the