Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS)



  • Easy to use.
  • Natural color complements any color of paver.
  • Haze free, non-staining, stronger, more durable polymer.
  • Resists damage caused by freeze/thaw and extreme heat.
  • Protects against erosion.
  • Calibrated sand gradation locks pavers in a variety of applications, including pool decks, patios, footpaths, and driveways.
  • Resist insects.
    • We test to ensure our polymeric sand meets all specifications set forth in ASTM C-144, as this is the ICPI recommendation for an ideal jointing material.


Deck must be dry prior to the application of SGM Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS). Spread Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) with a stiff- bristle broom across joints at a 45-degree angle. Move Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) across the deck until all joints are completely full. Vibrate Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) into the paver joints using a vibrating plate compactor. Repeat process as necessary to ensure all joints (shoulders) are completely full. Sweep off excess Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) with a soft bristle broom. The use of a leaf blower can also be incorporated to remove all remaining residue from the pavers. For use in temperatures above 35°F (35 degrees Fahrenheit). Protect Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) from rain for twelve (12) hours after installation, foot traffic for 24 hours, and vehicular traffic for 48 hours.


Attach a water nozzle with a shower setting to a garden hose and apply a liberal amount of water to the entire area. Apply water in a downward direction that will help the Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) settle deeper into the joints. Work in sections so a wet surface can be maintained during the water activation process. It is important to water the Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) a total of three (3) times to ensure water penetrates the entire depth of the joint. After a fifteen (15) minute shower, rinse the surface simultaneously to remove any residue from the paver surface. Keep the joint in a damp condition without washing Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) away. A leaf blower can be used in conjunction with a garden hose to aid in this process. Allow 24 hours after water activation for Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) to set.


Product is alkaline on contact with water. Use paddle for mixing to avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes. In case of such contact, flood eyes repeatedly with water and CALL A PHYSICIAN. Wash thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating. Do not take internally. CONTAINS FREE SILICA — DO NOT BREATHE DUST. Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease (Silicosis).

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals, including silica, which the State of California recognizes as a cause of cancer. For more information, visit the Proposition 65 Warnings Website (www.P65Warnings.ca.gov). Use NIOSH approved masks at all times to handle silica dust. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


One (1) year unopened.



SGM Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) is a joint locking material used in place of regular sand to stabilize pavers, stone, or blocks. Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) is created from a mixture of sand and special additives and designed to be applied dry and hardened when wet. Enhance any hardscape design using one of the specially formulated colors — Natural, Silver, Tan, or Ash. Its main features are reducing weed growth, resisting insect penetration, and erosion. Polymeric Paver Sand is perfect for patios, driveways, or walkways. Polymeric Paver Sand (PPS) can handle foot traffic in just twenty-four (24) hours and light vehicular traffic seventy-two (72) hours after application.