Pooltest 4 Photometer

The Pooltest 4 is the ideal compact photometer for testing spas and indoor pools, with testing for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine and pH.

  • Perform critical tests for spas and indoor pools
  • Perform testing at the poolside to reduce downtime
  • Designed for simplicity, suitable for all users
  • Trusted technology, utilising the industry-standard DPD method, developed by our very own Dr Palin.

Ideally suited to spas and indoor pools
The Pooltest 4 has been designed specifically for use in spas and indoor pools. Combine with a Palintest TDS meter to ensure full compliance for HSG 282.

Providing protection with cost-effective testing
Regular pool testing with the Pooltest 4 photometer will help to maintain your pool and spa infrastructure, as well as protecting bathers using the facilities.

Suitable for poolside use