An In-Ground Mount is a seamless way to integrate an Umbrella into your outdoor scene. Our Classic In-Ground Mount is designed for on-deck use with classic, center pole umbrellas with 1.5” or 2” poles. Install the mount by cementing it into the ground. Once installed, the mount sits on top of the surface, and an Umbrella can be inserted using an allen wrench. Our Classic In-Ground Mount is made of mill finished aluminum.

  • Designed for use on deck in any aquatic or outdoor scene
  • Must be cemented in ground
  • Pairs with Classic Umbrellas with 1.5” or 2” poles
  • Constructed of mill finished aluminum
  • Mount sits on top of surface once installed
  • Simple Umbrella insertion using an allen wrench

Note: The In-Ground Mount is designed for on deck use only. If you want utilize your umbrella in-water, talk to your pool builder about incorporating a built in umbrella sleeve on your pool’s ledge.