The Tile Doctor Litoelastic Tile Adhesive



Two-part epoxy-polyurethane reactive adhesive for ceramic tiles and natural stone. Two-part reactive adhesive.

  • Part A consists of synthetic epoxy-polyurethane resins, inert fillers and organic additives.
  • Part B consists of organic catalysts and fibers.

Suitable for simultaneous gluing and waterproofing of any kind of ceramic tile and natural stone, even if unstable to moisture, such as green marble, pietra serena and slate on interior or exterior floors or walls, even over elastic, flexible substrates.


Empty completely all the contents of the catalyst (B) onto the paste (A).
Mix at slow speed using an electric drill equipped with mixing paddle (Never
mix only by hand with a trowel). Scrape the walls of the bucket to eliminate all
parts of non-catalysed product.
Apply the product with a notched trowel.
The tiles are laid on the adhesive applying a consistent pressure to ensure contact
with the adhesive before it’s initial set time which will occur after 50 minutes.
The joints between the tiles may be grouted after about 24 hours.

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11 LB, 22 LB

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